We Facilitate the Transfer of Firearms

Wright Arms is a licensed firearms dealer serving the Rio Grande Valley of Texas.  We can assist you with the transfer of a firearm, both going to someone else or coming from an individual or dealer, such as online purchases.

About Firearms Transfers

If you buy a firearm from a dealer or individual outside of your State of Residence, Federal law requires that you have that firearm shipped to a dealer in your state of residence who can legally transfer the firearm to you. We will perform all the necessary BATF mandated background checks, residency and proof of age checks and complete required paperwork with you. We do the complete Firearm Transfer Service for $25.00 per gun.

Shipping a Firearm?

Unless you are shipping a firearm directly to the manufacturer for repair and/or service, you cannot ship a firearm. We offer FFL shipping service and will coordinate shipping to another licensed receiver. We complete the necessary paperwork with you and deliver the firearm to a proper transport service company. We do this for our normal $25 fee plus the cost of shipping.

To have a firearms transferred to you or for shipping firearms or for more information on this service, please call us at 956.752.1300 or use our Email Contact Form.

We do not do NFA transfers.

Is buying online really saving you?

Cost of Gun Online  $ 319.95
Shipping        29.00
Using Credit Card           9.60
FFL Transfer Fee        25.00
Total On-Line  $ 383.55


Cost of Gun @ Shop  $ 343.53
Sales Tax        21.47
Total In-Store  $ 365.00